Quarterly Analysts' Briefing, Makati City

The Investor Relations Department (IR) is tasked to regularly keep the Company’s investors and stakeholders informed of the developments in the Company’s business. For this purpose, the IR conducts quarterly analysts’ briefings and regular meetings with shareholders, fund managers and institutional investors to keep them updated on relevant material information and details on transactions of the Company. The IR is easily reached through phone, electronic mail, or through the Company website for any stockholder, stakeholder or investor concerns.


The corporate governance policy of Manila Water is primarily contained in its Manual of Corporate Governance (the “Manual”). As contained in the Manual, the Company’s corporate governance framework is based on the principles of accountability, fairness and transparency, and sustainability. The Company confirms its full compliance with its Manual of Corporate Governance.

The Manual contains the governance principles that the Company applies in all its undertakings and supplements Manila Water’s Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. The adoption of the Manual instituted the policies on:

  1. the Board of Directors’ and management’s roles, functions and responsibilities in relation to good governance;
  2. the institution of training for the Board of Directors, executive directors and employees, and evaluation of the Board and Management’s performance;
  3. the enhanced roles of the Corporate Secretary and Audit and Governance Committee in corporate governance;
  4. related party transactions;
  5. conflict of interest; and
  6. disclosures.

As a key policy, the members of the Board and key executives of the Company are required to disclose to the Board any material interest, whether direct or indirect, they may have in any transaction or matter that directly affects the Company. The directors are required to comply with all disclosure requirements of the Manual and the Securities Regulations Code (SRC) and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR), and voluntarily disclose any conflict of interest, whether actual or potential, upon its occurrence. The disclosure of any conflict of interest, including related party transactions, is to be made fully and immediately. In cases where related party transactions exist, it is the Company’s policy that complete information on such transaction be immediately disclosed, and, if a director or officer is involved, the director or officer concerned shall not be allowed to participate in the decision-making process. The policy also mandates that a director who has a continuing conflict of interest of a material nature shall be required to resign, or if the Board deems appropriate, be removed as a member of the Board.

The Board commits, at all times, to adequately and timely disclose all material information that could potentially affect Manila Water’s share price and such other information that are required to be disclosed pursuant to the SRC and its IRR and other relevant laws. This information includes, but is not limited to, results of earnings, acquisition or disposal of significant assets, off-balance sheet transactions, changes in Board membership, as well as, changes in shareholdings of directors and officers, and related party transactions. The Company discloses its corporate governance practices, corporate events calendar and other material information on its website in a timely manner.