Gearing Up to Become
a Global Filipino Water Company

2021 Integrated Report

Our Leadership

Executive Officers

Janine T. Carreon
Group Director,
Corporate Human Resources

Esmeralda R. Quines
Group Director,
East Zone Business Operations

Liwayway T. Sevalla
Chief Information Officer,
Data Protection Officer,
and Group Director for Corporate Information Technology

Maidy Lynne B. Quinto
Group Director,
Subsidiary Operations

Arnold Jether A. Mortera
Group Director,
Corporate Operations

Robert Michael N. Baffrey
Group Director,
Corporate Project Management

Evangeline M. Clemente
Group Director,
Corporate Strategic Management

Silverio Benny J. Tan
Corporate Secretary

Ana Mari B. Bentilanon
Group Controller

Rolando V. Caraig
Chief Audit Executive
and Chief Risk Officer

Gerardo M. Lobo II
Assistant Corporate Secretary
and Compliance Officer