Gearing Up to Become
a Global Filipino Water Company

2021 Integrated Report


Business Objectives and Strategy: Building a Global Water Company

A Manila Water employee conducting a site visit of the Angat Dam complex


Purpose and Aspiration

With the perpetuation of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, “water-worth” was inarguably cemented in all facets of society across the globe. The pandemic also emphasized water's true value as the day-to-day lives of every individual are so dependent on it that the idea of not having access to this critical resource is terrifying. The communities we serve deserve more than access to handwashing during pandemic. We all need sustainable provision of basic water and environmental services, irrespective of the situation.

This current reality paved the way for us to rethink, reconsider and recalibrate our strategy. Leveraging on our newly embraced purpose of “better lives and resilient economies through critical infrastructure”, we aim to become a global water company, leading in the provision of quality water and environmental / sanitation services, that should be anchored on sustainable development. We plan to deliver world-class services tailored to the needs of the communities we serve, through sustainable solutions, and purpose-driven, empowered, innovative teams.

Growth and Geography

With these statements engraved in Manila Water's day-to-day operations, we further embrace our aspiration of becoming a global water company through identification of our growth pillars: East Zone business, our Philippine portfolio, and our international investments. We will continue to increase value of the East Zone business through enhanced regulatory management and improved operational performance. We will tap unmet demand in the areas we already operate domestically, and we plan to leverage the Razon Group's international footprint as a starting point for expansion. These 3 growth pillars coupled with our internal initiatives such as funding programs, new organizational design, and deployment of key leaders from Razon Group, will enable us to achieve our global water company aspiration.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Over the past years, we have established a strong track record across key ESG and Shared Value metrics, by addressing fundamental long-term business risks while realizing opportunities that deliver solutions to societal and environmental needs, at scale. We have been recognized as sustainability champions by both local and international ESG organizations for our strong ESG commitment and performance. Manila Water has also been consistent and showed unwavering commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on Clean Water and Sanitation.

Operating in the New Normal

Manila Water, despite the lingering pandemic in 2021, strongly demonstrated its commitment to providing water and environmental services to its customers. East Zone is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements, including the 24/7 water supply. This commitment, we believe, was recognized by our government after we recently secured approval of the Franchise Bill. This effectively grants our concession business the license to operate as a Public Utility for the next 25 years.

Similarly, Non-East Zone businesses continue to abide with its statutory obligations and expansion initiatives. We saw 2 major developments in 2021 for both our domestic and internal businesses - Pangasinan Bulk Water and the KSA Eastern Cluster deals. These key expansions were successfully accomplished in the face of the realities of COVID-19.