2018 Integrated Report
Resilient in
Pursuit of
Water and

sustainability at manila water

positioning sustainability at the forefront of the business

GRI 102-47

Sustainability is of utmost priority to Manila Water. Over two decades’ worth of expertise and experience demonstrate how the company provide access to safe, clean water in a way that manages key impacts and ensures responsible practices at every stage of its operations.


Sustainability Framework


Manila Water has always championed sustainability through its contributions and pioneering initiatives. The company was the first in the Philippine private sector to produce a sustainability report in 2005 when environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues were not yet at the top of the corporate agenda. As with this year’s report, the company discloses our economic, environmental, and social performance in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. Manila Water also adheres to the principles of the Integrated Reporting <IR> framework to align our strategies with our outlook on future performance.

Manila Water recognizes that its ability to create and share value depends on the communities it serves and the environment that provides resources. The company integrates sustainability principles and practices into management systems to boost its long-term financial viability and address the growing demand of the customers.

This has enabled the company to reach over 25 million people throughout the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

The sustainability framework of Manila Water presents a holistic picture of how the company contributes to sustainable development and views its role in society at large.

Beginning from inside-out, Manila Water develops and cares for its employees at the forefront of the company’s work, upholding the core value on primacy and integrity of the employees. The company provides access to clean water with the operational excellence required to deliver exceptional, high-quality services.

As Manila Water further grows, the company contributes to the local and national economies wherever it operates. It continues to pursue this growth in both domestic and international markets, whether through horizontal or vertical expansion. Throughout the value chain, the company protects the environment and looks after its resources, knowing how vital water is to social and economic development. This approach to sustainability is also reflected in the company-wide Sustainability Policy.



Covered in this report is Manila Water’s 2018 performance related to environment, workforce, communities, and economy. The material topics align with the sustainability framework and policy, key performance indicators, business efficiency measures, and identified key Enterprise risks. The management team has validated all material topics.

Material issues are validated through stakeholder engagement activities year-round. The company regularly engages the stakeholders who influence the success of Manila Water, and whose views and expectations affects the topics covered in this report.