2019 Integrated Report

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About The Company

Our Capitals

Our Capitals 

Manila Water’s financial sustainability relies on the availability and management of the company’s own funds, as well as borrowed funds. Through the combined use of capital inputs, such as share capital, cash reserves and borrowings, the Company can fund infrastructure projects and sustain service delivery. 

Manila Water’s property, plant and equipment includes well-managed dams and impounding reservoirs, deepwells, water treatment facilities, pumping stations and reservoirs, water distribution and sewer networks and wastewater treatment facilities. 

Exponential value is created for and on behalf of Manila Water and the country through its most critical asset: People. In addition to this, human capital includes the Company’s suppliers, contractors, consultants and service providers.

Collective expertise and process know-how on water treatment, non-revenue water reduction, used water treatment, and environmental services. 

Manila Water’s business is conducted across diverse ecosystems where it builds and maintains infrastructure, operate equipment and handle water service and wastewater treatment service delivery. The ‘natural capitals’ in the context of the Company’s activities include water abstracted from rivers, dams and aquifers covered by water rights or allocations. 

Social and Relationship
Positive stakeholder relations with external and internal stakeholders contribute to business stability and organizational stability for Manila Water. 

How We Create Value 

Who we are: Identity 
Our approach to value creation is founded and driven by our core corporate values: integrity and primacy of the person, dignity of work, pride in excellence, concern for others, and commitment to national development. 

At the heart of this is putting a premium on building, strengthening and nurturing partnerships with customers, employees, government and other key stakeholders, ensuring long-term and sustainable provision of water, wastewater and environmental services.

What we do: Portfolio 

Water Utility Operations 
Manila Water provides bulk water, water treatment, water distribution, sewerage and sanitation services to a broad range of residential, semi-business, commercial and industrial customers across the Philippines and Southeast Asia. 

Bulk Water Supply 
Manila Water delivers bulk water in Metropolitan Cebu District Water, Calasiao Water District, Tagum Water Company in the Philippines, and Saigon Water Corporation in Vietnam. 

Total Solutions 
Manila Water Total Solutions focuses on developing and scaling after-the-meter services with special focus on real estate developers and creating and launching business model innovations. Included in its offerings is Healthy Family purified water, specifically catering to customers who prefer not to drink tap water due to issues in household piping and personal aversion to the taste of residual chlorine as required by law. 

Value Created


P5.5 B net income 


P12.6 B Total capital spent on acquisitions, developments and capital improvements for water and wastewater across the Philippine operations and Manila Water Asia Pacific.


19 female average training hours 
20 male avereage training hours 
635 new hires 
289 vendors 


1 deal closed across the Philippines and Southeast Asia for the provision of water and wastewater services.


9,263 hectares of protected watersheds across the Philippines 
64.16 MCM of wastewater treated. 
13,440 tons of organic pollution load (as BOD) diverted from water bodies 

Social and Relationship 

76% Customer Satisfaction 
122,053 Lakbayan Participants since 2006 
85% Employee Engagement Score 

Value Shared 

Partnership and Integration
Revitalize and strengthen regional and global partnership for sustainable development to further initiatives on water and environmental investments. 

Inrastructure Development
Investments in water and wastewater infrastructures such as sewage treatment plants, and pumping stations, to ensure delivery of reliable water and wastewater services. 

Customer-centricity and Community Development
Improve economic, social, and environmental well-being of communities through access to clean and affordable water and sanitation service. 

Health and Safety
Improve physical and mental health, and safety of the public and communities where the Company operates in. 

Environmental Stewardship
Enhance capacity of the natural environment to meet water supply and other resources needed by present and future generations. 

Human Capital Development 
Enhance and improve human capabilities and foster job generation and career growth.