2019 Integrated Report

Genuine Service

Sustainability at Manila Water

Material Aspects

Manila Water’s 2019 report focuses on performance related to impacts on communities, environment, its own workforce, business partners, and the overall economy. At the same time, it articulates how external environment affects the ability of the company to deliver value in the long term. The material topics listed play an important role on how the company plans, designs, and operates in alignment with corporate strategy, sustainability framework, regulatory key performance indicators, business efficiency measures, risk management programs in the enterprise. 

The company routinely engages key stakeholders who are affected by Manila Water’s operations, and who at the same time influence the company’s success. 

Material aspects are validated through stakeholder engagements facilitated throughout the year, with emphasis on the key issues covered in the special reports in this publication. 



Financial disclosures cover all local and international subsidiaries. For operational, environmental, social and supply chain disclosures in this Integrated Report, Manila Water used the following criteria for setting boundaries: (1) units which are operational for at least one full year or more, and; (2) businesses which Manila Water has operational control or has seconded employees in operations.