2019 Integrated Report

Genuine Service

Sustainability at Manila Water

Channels and Initiatives

Various engagements are being carried out to be able to gather valuable insights from the stakeholders, these insights play a crucial role in the company’s strategic planning process. 



Mode of Engagement Initiatives
  • Monthly Abot Kamay ng Barangay 
  • Public consultations 
  • Quarterly Kasangga Days 
  • Website and social media 
  • Use of flyers and bill inserts 
  • Toka Toka Advocacy and Lakbayan 
  • Customer service hotline 
  • Regular project updates 
  • Complaints resolution 
  • Traffic Management plans 

Concession Regulators & NGA Regulators

Mode of Engagement Initiatives
  • Regular briefings and updates, and submission of reports 
  • Meetings with regulatory offices/ ‘Kumustahan’ 
  • Public consultations, seminars, conferences and fora 
  • Rate determination done every 5 years 
  • Toka Toka advocacy and lakbayan 
  • Participation in NGA events 
  • Participated in various engagements relative to the rate rebasing exercise 
  • Attended and provided support to Public Consultations led by MWSS RO 
  • Participated in the TWG for New Water Sources led by MWSS CO 
  • Compliance to regulators requirements 
  • Policy advocacy 
  • Alignment of IECs, desludging caravan, and other environmental projects 
  • Position papers and similar documents 
  • Regular and close coordination on project planning and implementation 
  • Partnership in Toka Toka advocacy program 

Supply Chain

Mode of Engagement Initiatives
  • Annual forums and trainings 
  • Vendor 360 Degree Feedback 
  • Performance issue letters and counselling sessions 
  • Company presentations 
  • Standardized accreditation process across the enterprise with the use of Ariba (Vendor Database for buyers and Virtual Data Room for vendors) 
  • Roll outs of projects 
  • Trainings, e.g. safety, online procurement 
  • Vendor 360 Degree Feedback

Finance Community

Mode of Engagement Initiatives
  • Quarterly Analysts Briefing 
  • Annual Report 
  • Annual Stockholders’ Meeting 
  • Website and press releases 
  • Roadshows and one-on-one meetings
  • Timely disclosures to the regulatory agencies and investing community


Mode of Engagement Initiatives
  • Regular media coordination 
  • Bi-annual press briefings and conferences 
  • Media coverage for special events (Signing, Sealing, Inauguration among others) 
  • Regular dispatch of press releases and announcements 
  • Website and social media posts on prevailing issues and service updates 
  • Sponsorships of media events and advocacies 
  • Media engagements and interviews 
  • Press briefing and media engagements 
  • Media visits of major projects and facilities 
  • Public information on issues and concerns 
  • Regular seeding of relevant press releases 
  • Regular interface with local and national media 
  • Advisories and notices to customers 
  • Media fora, interviews and press conferences 
  • Relevant information posted on digital and social media platforms 


Mode of Engagement Initiatives
  • Regular internal meetings on different levels 
  • Employee engagement survey 
  • Yearly performance reviews 
  • Roadshows (rolling-out new policies, etc.) 
  • Email blasts / bulletins / online publications 
  • Annual performance-based salary adjustments 
  • Employee engagement programs 
  • Manila Water University