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Sustainability at Manila Water

Our Journey of Commitment to Sustainability


Since the takeover of the Manila Concession in 1997, Manila Water has always committed to value creation, recognizing that there is a mission to fulfill, not just a business to run. The company believes that long term viability is very much dependent on alignment with social, economic and environmental goals – the ability to empower employees and business partners in improving the lives of the customers through the provision of safe and affordable water and wastewater services, and the manner with how natural capitals are managed as the business is uniquely reliant upon the environment, and vice versa.

The mandate to provide clean, safe water and sanitation services to households are clearly defined and further strengthened by Manila Water’s sustainability framework, policy, and commitments institutionalized in 2004. These commitments are vital to the company’s survival and ability to create value. 



Manila Water’s sustainability framework operates from the inside-out, with the company’s talents at the center of the framework. Development and the welfare of its employees who are at the forefront of the business is vital, ensuring that they are capable and engaged in delivering services to customers in an exceptional manner and ready to support the company’s business growth aspirations.

Manila Water helps builds healthy, productive and resilient communities by providing basic lifelines of water and wastewater services. Affordable, clean and reliable water is a fundamental requirement to empowering citizens, making them healthy and productive and contribute to the overall economy. Resilience of Manila Water’s assets and operations versus natural and man-made calamities driven by climate change and other factors, ensure that economic gains of communities are sustained in the long run. 

Manila Water recognizes it is interdependent with the natural environment, on ecosystem services to reliably provide raw water that is the main ingredient of the business, and thus it is essential that the company help rehabilitate, protect and enhance water sources. Through wastewater services, the company helps in the recovery of polluted bodies of water which can also be seen as water sources. 

In the course of expanding service access to more customers and improve the quality of services, the company invests in putting up additional infrastructure, and through partnerships with its supply chain, contributes to providing employment thus enhancing local and national economies. 



Manila Water has long incorporated in its core strategy the principles of sustainable development and inclusive growth and integrates these principles into business processes. Manila Water believes that the long term survival of its business is dependent on the of the communities that it serves, the natural environment that provides resources, as well as stakeholders who support its programs and provide valuable insights and feedback to improve business execution. With this in mind, the company addresses specific needs of communities, the environment, and the economy, thereby creating and maximizing shared value. 



  • Be an indispensable partner in building communities in the areas that we service by providing potable water, sewerage or sanitation at reasonable rates 
  • Develop self-sustainability of targeted communities by instituting capacity-building mechanisms and livelihood programs 
  • Operate the business in a way that the health of employees, service providers and the general public would be safeguarded 
  • Design and develop an environmental management system that would ensure continuing environmental compliance and sustainability of operations 
  • Develop, promote and implement programs that would nurture, protect and conserve natural resources 
  • Use climate change adaptation as an overall framework for addressing operational and asset risks 
  • Value employees as the company’s primary stakeholder by respecting their fundamental rights at the workplace, and providing opportunities for both professional and personal development 
  • Adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance and observe responsible business practices across the organization 
  • Uphold service excellence and operational efficiency, and continuously see new business opportunities to strengthen the financial viability of the Company, thereby maximizing shareholder value 
  • Drive economic growth and development by constructing and managing best-in-class water and wastewater infrastructure, and helping small and medium enterprises strengthen and expand their 
  • Ensure sustainability in the supply chain by communicating the sustainability policy to vendors, and by encouraging them to adopt the same in the conduct of their businesses and to align their company 
  • Work closely with the communities, the government, civil society, businesses and other stakeholders to develop and implement programs 
  • Champion sustainability by educating and encouraging subsidiaries, partners and other stakeholders to be socially and environmentally responsible


For more information, visit our Sustainability at Manila Water page.